TDK Macassette Set To Release New Single, Gives Fans An Opportunity To Stand A Chance To Win And Have Lunch With Her

Gqom Barbie, TDK Macassette is learning how to balance her career ambitions and her personal desires – something that’s complex enough to handle before you throw in prying fans, the expectations of a major record label and the intrusiveness of tabloids.

As TDK’s star rises and she builds her public image, she could well become a gqom artist known for representing the genre zeitgeist for the next decades. But we’ll have to watch and see.

TDK took to social media on the 12th of March 2020 to share that she will be releasing a new track “#My Queens” on the 20th of March. Now, the perks come with benefits. If you are a fan and love her music and would desire to have lunch with the most gorgeous and sexy Gqom artists. Follow the simple rules explained and who knows?

Check the caption below for details:

Hey Queens!

I’m dropping my new single titled #MyQueens on the 20th of March and I‘ve got something really special for you coming up but obviously nothing for Mahala! I’d love for you to kindly tag me on videos or posts telling me what makes you STAND OUT as a Queen using the hashtag #MyQueen and the first 10 or 20 people to do it will stand a chance to have lunch with me on a Meet&Greet with TDK Macassette♥️ 💁🏽‍♀️

NB : You have to be around JHB & Dbn to enter.
Good Luck and I cannot wait to hear your amazing Boss Queens stories and mostly, I cannot wait to meet you!

Watch the rest of the video below:

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