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Kekelingo releases debut single, Khonza, with Ami Faku

Vth Season’s newest signed artist, Kekelingo, of The Muffinz fame, has just released his debut single as a solo artist with Eastern Cape’s South African Voice of Modern Afro Soul, Ami Faku, titled Khonza

Khonza is sung in a language called “kekelingo” which is Kekelingo’s own spiritual language expressed and sung through chant, with no meaning but translates through the emotion of feeling. It is inspired by the day Kekelingo was born and his reason and purpose for being on earth.

“I’ve always imagined how I sounded like as a baby, the day I was born,” shares Kekelingo thinking about his amazing mother who gave birth to him by herself at home in a four roomed house in Soweto. 

“I wrote Khonza as a thank you to my late mother, grandmother and my sister. Powerful and strong African Queens that raised and shaped the man that I am today. I featured songstress Ami Faku because I knew her voice will represent the gentleness and loving nature of these incredible Queens that I hold dearly in my heart and spirit being,” adds Kekelingo.

“Kekelingo and Ami Faku have created one of the most special pieces of music I’ve heard in very long time. The sound will resonate around the world and I can’t think of a better time than the present to appreciate it,” shares Ninel Musson, Director at Vth Season.

You can stream and download Kekelingo’s Khonza with Ami Faku here:

You can also listen to Khonza on YouTube here:

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