Khaya Mthethwa Reveals What Chore He Finds As An Extreme Sport In The House Amid #day8oflockdown

Gospel star, Pastor Khaya Mthethwa, ushered to social media to protest concerning house chores, reacting to media personality, Pearl Modiadie, following she complained about how much she dislikes ironing.

Khaya Mthethwa took to Twitter to reveal the strenuous chores that come with changing his bedding On Thursday, 2 April 2020, However, it appears he is not the only entertainer who is grappling with house chores amid the national lockdown, as Pearl Modiadie commented by stating that she does not enjoy ironing.

Khaya knows Housekeeping chores are unexciting because they’re expected. There’s no medal for a clean sink without dishes. In fact, it’s a short-lived victory. Chores are repetitive and so inevitably you’ll soon have a new pile of dishes to clean again, change that bedding or sweeping that floor. Well, someone has to do it anyway, even if you are a pastor, if you stay alone, it has to be done, lol!

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Changing bedding is an extreme sport!

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