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Pappa Penny’s Show “Ahee” Is Back With Another Season By Popular Demand

Pappa Penny’s Show “Ahee” Is Back By Popular Demand – PAPA PENNY is back with another season of Ahee!

Giyani Kulani, better known by his stage name Penny Penny is a South African musician and politician, known affectionately as the “Shangaan Disco King” for the musical style he helped popularise. He was the youngest of 68 children from a local traditional Surgeon/ doctor with 25 wives.

Musician, Disco King, reality TV star and media personality prominent for uttering English in his own unique way. He is back because and has addressed Daily Sun that the show is built on originality hence the return.

“My show is not dramatised. It is reality,” he said.

“Every season I bring something new.

“That’s why I’ve managed to get another season. In this season, people will witness me going through the joys of being a father as I welcome my son Penny Penny Junior into the world.

“Junior shares a birth month with me and we celebrated his birthday last month. I was happy. I have a son who carries my name.”

The Tsonga disco king said people would witness many emotions, as he also lost his son Nicholas to suicide.

“It hasn’t been easy, but we’re dealing with it day by day, we are healing.

“I’m also trying my best to keep his mother, mama Nomi, calm.

“The loss of a child hits a mother hard,” he told the People’s Paper.

The superstar said people should also expect new music from him.

“I take the coronavirus very seriously. But as soon as it has passed, I will be releasing new music and later in the year, people can also expect an album.”

Penny said he saw many people treating the virus as if it was a joke.

People continue to do the wrong things while the president has asked everyone to stay at home. The virus attacks anybody. Soon after you are infected, you will become very sick,” he said.

The updated season of Papa Penny Ahee will commence on the 9th of April 2020 on Mzansi Magic, as the legend welcomes you to his life and the making of his music.

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