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Shimza Reveals The Struggle He Encounters When Paying His Employee’s Salary

Shimza Reveals The Struggle He Encounters When Paying His Employee’s Salary Due To Limitations Of A Certain Local Bank – Various celebrities have established brands for themselves working in several fields, including the food industry. 

You can locate them on the big screen, the small screen, local and global and local settings. If it’s not energy drinks, its alcohol bottles, sing, act, or start their fashion lines, others invest in their own restaurants. 

The update of Mzansi celebrities that recently opened his own restaurant is Ashley Raphala, who is prominently known as DJ Shimza Raphala opened a beautiful restaurant called The Hang Awt which is situated in Tembisa north of Kempton Park on the East Rand in Gauteng, where he was born.

As we all may know Shimza understands that money helps to sustain his employees’ lives and is a driving force that impacts many of their choices outside of work. His employees are a crucial part of growing and sustaining his restaurant, so if their income affects their security in any way, it’s going to impact their productivity. This means that their pay is directly related to the overall success of your business.

Shimza took to social media to reveal his frustration when it comes to paying his employees, he is faced with loading information of his staff afresh every month. In which he finds tedious and wonders why Nedbank has restricted the lists of beneficiaries.

Check the posts below:

Failing to understand why @Nedbank limits the number of beneficiaries you can load, like every month I must load my staffs names, surnames, bank and account numbers every time I need to pay salaries

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