Watch! Kenny Kunene Lays Some Bars For The Lockdown

Watch! Kenny Kunene Lays Some Bars For The Lockdown. Kenny Kunene has been known for a lot of things.

Kenny Kunene has been known for a lot of things. The man was known for his club, where quite a lot happened. He also became known as the Sushi King, a lifestyle that he gave up few years later because he supposedly felt bad about it. He then tried going through the politics route. Well, now the businessman seems to have become a rapper.

The businessman released a young song that told people what to do on this lockdown period. He informed people about hygiene, staying home and not touching your face. Black Twitter reacted in different ways to the bars that Kenny Kunene laid on the beat. Khanyi Mbau says, “Jay Z is trembling sir…” One tweep jokingly says, “Eminem was found shaking…” Some tweeps compared him to Faith Nketsi.

One tweep says, “Faith Nketsi did not die, she multiplied!” One tweep says, “Imagine a collabo with Faith Nketsi…” One tweep says, “SAMA 2020 nominees for best Newcomer- Kenny Kunene.”Some tweeps outright let it be known that they don’t like it. One tweep says, “And we are expected to take him serious…” One tweep says, “Kenny, we’re dealing with too many problems right as a country, please stay forgotten if you’re not gonna be serious.” One tweep says, “Can the Lockdown end please.” Is Kenny Kunene a Jack of all trades?

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by Alexandra Ramaite

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