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Watch! NaakMusiq Using #Day6OfLockdown To Produce New Music

Watch! NaakMusiq Using #Day6OfLockdown To Produce New Music – Musician, actor and sportscar fanatic appears to be cooking something in studio amid the national lockdown.

Numerous countries have put in place various lockdown measures in the hopes that social distancing will prevent the further spread of the pandemic, African artists have been hard hit. Scheduled performances have been cancelled and entire tours in some instances.

On the other hand, the grim reality has also allowed artists to become more creative with how they put out their music and engage with fans. Artists such as DJ Black Coffee and singer Berita have already led the way with Livestream performances on social media—a trend that’s fast becoming popular.

NaakMusiq took to social media to share visuals of his time in the studio, lamenting in his caption he is currently creating a banger that is set to blow us away. When you observe the snippet, you can see Anga dressed casually holding an energy drink alone in the studio with another person operating the gadgets.

It seems promising from the utterance of the vocals, we are ready to hear it when it is completed.

Check out the posts below:

#lockdown Day 6..ON TO SOMETHING…..


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